Le Pignole

COLLI BERICI – Via meucci, 87 – Brendola VI –

On 3 August 2017, my husband Claudio and I, to expand and diversify our farm made up of farms and hilly land, bought the Le Pignole winery.

 The choice was made to allow our children Micaela and Thomas to live from our same passion!

 Le Pignole is located on the hills of Brendola, the gateway to the Berici Hills, and is a small but charming family-run winery of about 1000 square meters on three levels with three hectares of surrounding vineyards.

 Our autochthonous Carmènere, Garganega and Tai rosso grapes are joined by the international Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Petit verdot, Refosco dal peduncolo rosso and Syrah.

 Many varieties in small quantities, predominantly red grapes that marry this area well with a particular terroir: clay, basalt, limestone and rich marine sediments.

 With our production we want to show all the potential of the vines we cultivate by making pure wines and Bordeaux blends in all possible facets: sparkling, still, barricaded and straw wines.

 Here the manually harvested grapes are processed during the day to obtain the must which will become a wine of important quality, already recognized at an international level.

 The oenologist Fabrizio Giacomini shares with us the ambitious project of pouring works of art he created into the glasses to make Le Pignole one of the most important realities in the Berici Hills.

 Our spaces allow us not only to sell the wines directly to the final consumer, therefore at km 0, but also to have our production tasted in combination with platters of cold cuts and local cheeses.

 Upon your arrival we will welcome you to show you the premises and illustrate the various stages of processing that allow us to create our masterpieces!



We usually present our wines with a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.

We produce white and red wines:
sparkling, stop, barricaded, raisins



for all facets of the Garganega grape

4 WINES TAI ROSSO – € 25pp
for all facets of the Tai rosso grape




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le Pignole
Via meucci, 87 – Brendola VI
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