Wineries of Colli Berici

Selection of the best wineries in the Berici Hills.
Here you can taste the red and white Colli Berici doc
wines. Visiting a winery and tasting its wine is an unforgettable experience.

wine tasting colli berici
Le Pignole
Via meucci, 87 – Brendola VI


Via Finte Fozze, 39 – Castegnero, VI

“INTERLUDIO” TASTING – 1h 30min – € 20pp
Guided tour and tasting of 4 labels
accompanied by biscuit
We will welcome you to the Cellar to start the guided tour with a short narration on the origins and evolutions that our company has lived – and still lives – over the course of four generations, to then accompany you on a tour of the spaces dedicated to production, illustrating some of the processes work that guarantee the quality of our wines, in which we carefully infuse ancient knowledge and modern innovations.
We will continue with an indispensable external visit of the rural buildings and the villa to tell you about the peculiarities that characterize them making them unique and we will stop to admire the interiors with the simple and graceful lines of the noble chapel.
If weather conditions permit, we will also enjoy a short walk in the educational vineyard.
We will then conclude with the tasting of 4 excellent labels that we have selected especially for you, accompanied by biscuit bread.
Each season has its specific characteristics and so do our wines: we will offer you a careful selection of the 4 labels that will best match the period in which you come to visit us.
As a small family business, we do our best to be able to offer you experiences that suit your needs!
To proceed with this proposal, please contact us at least two days in advance by clicking on “information request” and send us an email with the date and time you would like to come to the company, also adding the number of adults (and the number of any minors) who will be present; we will reply as soon as possible to inform you of availability. We thank you for your cooperation!





In the Colli Berici (Berici Hills) wine is so much history that the cultivation of the vine, which spread in Roman times, developed after the year 1000 after the end of the barbarian invasions.

The Colli Berici present themselves as the green heart of the Veneto region, a rural environment of extraordinary beauty which, alongside magnificent man-made works such as the Venetian villas designed by Andrea Palladio. Is now unanimously recognized as the most important architect that the western world has ever produced . Furthermore, the Colli Berici are also characterized by a particular and favorable microclimate.  Thanks to the presence of sloping hilly terrain alternating with valleys, has a precise connotation of slopes.
The presence of particularly mild average temperatures until late autumn, alternating with a good temperature range. Between day and night and a limited annual rainfall, determine the ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of the grapes. Characterization of fine red wines as well as elegant and refined whites. Of the 3,000 hectares of vineyards in the Colli Berici, a good percentage is dedicated to the two most important grapes of the area, namely the garganega (white berry) and the red tai. Garganega is used for the production of “Colli Berici” Garganega.

The red tai is certainly the most important and typical vine of the area which derives from the vine once called red Tocai. It has the same genetic nature as the Sardinian cannonau, the French grenache and the Spanish garnacha, but in the Vicenza area it has found a suitable area for its cultivation and its own identity. Look at the other wineries in the Veneto and Italy

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