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Ours is a family-run farm producing natural wines from biodynamic agriculture with the utmost respect of the territory. 
We do it out of passion and love for a territory we are very proud of, a territory that has long been dedicated to the production of volcanic and unique wines.
A journey started more than a century ago through 4 generations of masters who have passed on the passion for and commitment to the vine cultivation with the aim to produce an “ancient wine”.



Visiting our winery includes:
A walk in the vineyards (if the weather allows it)
A visit to the grape-drying tower
A visit to the barrel cellar where the sweet wines age
A visit to the winemaking cellar
Tasting of the winery’s products and artisanal baking goods

It is required to book the visit (minimum of 2 people)
at least two days in advance from today’s date.
10% discount on all purchases made at the end of the visit.

TERROIR EXPERIENCE – € 25pp  from 2 to 4 people
€ 17,50pp from 5 to 7 people – € 10pp from 8 people

The expression of our territory, our method and the climate of our hills, enclosed in the tasting of 3 wines, each a different declination of Garganega, our most typical grape. Visit to the cellar with tasting of 3 wines.
Costs vary according to the number of people who book the visit.

FULL RANGE EXPERIENCE – € 49pp from 2 to 4 people
€ 37pp from 5 to 7 people – € 24pp from 8 people

The complete experience of our ancient know-how and the versatility of our vines.
A tasting of 5 wines, including Omomorto sparkling wine made from Durella grapes and one of our sweet wines, a further interpretation of Garganega.
Visit to the cellar with tasting of 5 wines.

EVOLUTION EXPERIENCE – € 147pp from 2 to 4 people
€ 119pp from 5 to 7 people – € 89pp from 8 people

A moment to savour time and the notes that only the wait can give to a wine, in a tasting of 10 glasses that introduce all our labels, alongside the past vintages kept in aging and refining in the cellar.
Visit to the cellar with tasting of 10 wines.




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Via Dottor Bruzzo, 24 – Gambellara, VI
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