Wineries of Garda Lake

On Lake Garda, a beautiful winery where you can taste Lugana, a fragrant and fresh white wine and Bardolino, a light and delicate red.
Visiting a winery and tasting the wine is a pleasant experience.

Corte Sermana
Loc. Sermana 1/A 37019 Peschiera del Garda, VR
garda winery

CORTE SERMANA TASTING – 1h 30min – € 25pp
It includes a visit to the vineyard and cellar with explanation of the area, in particular our Lugana area, and the working practices of our company.
At the end, tasting of 4 wines,
accompanied by a light appetizer (cheese / cured meat, bread sticks)
garda wine tasting garda wine tasting





The coast and the hinterland of Lake Garda have been a wine production area since the Bronze Age with many native vines, denominations of origin and cellars that make it a beautiful wine tourism area. Over the years some DOCs have been defined: Bardolino, Lugana and Custoza. lake garda wineries

Bardolino is the most representative wine of Lake Garda. The soil and climate of the lake make Bardolino a fresh and pleasant red wine. It is obtained from different types of grapes. The most important is Corvina Veronese, an autochthonous vine used up to 95% of the blend. Then Rondinella, Molinara or other local grapes. It is precisely their skin that gives them their characteristic ruby ​​red colour.

Custoza and Lugana instead are 2 excellent white wines. Come to visit us

Custoza has a delicate and floral bouquet with aromatic hints that make it particularly fresh. It is prepared only with white fruit vines, including Trebbianello, Bianca Fernanda and Garganega. United together they complement each other and give the wine a complexity that is an expression of the personality of the producers and the territory. The soil in this area has a predominantly calcareous composition, which gives the wines sapidity and minerality.

Lugana comes from the Turbiana grape in the Lugana plain of the same name

This area, many centuries ago, was covered by a thick marshy forest, which once reclaimed left a clayey soil. Precisely because it is very rich in mineral salts, it gives this white the characteristic acidity and sapidity. Despite this, it remains very fresh and fragrant, with fruity notes between almond and citrus. Look at the other wineries in the Veneto and Italy

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