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Wineries of Soave

Selection of the best wineries in the Soav area.
Here you can have a tasting of the best Whites: Soave and Soave Classico, Recioto di Soave etc.. Visiting a winery and tasting its wine is an unforgettable experience.

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Via S. Stefano, 2 Monteforte d'Alpone, VR
soave wine tasting

TASTING 3 - 1h 30min - € 35pp
L'esperienza prevede la visita al vigneto e alla cantina, con la spiegazione dei processi di vinificazione,
Assaggio di 4 Soave accompagnati da bruschette con il nostro olio extravergine di oliva e assaggi di prodotti locali.
- Spumante Perle d'Oro
- U.P.
- Ronchetto
- Albare
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Tenuta Solar
Via Dante Alighieri, 125 Monteforte d’Alpone, VR
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Tasting of 3 wines of the company
salami, cheese, bread
tour of the cellar
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Gambellara and Soave, one bubble after another. Veneto does not only offer Prosecco docg and doc, but Verona also has its bubbles. wine tasting soave wineries and soave wine tasting, best soave winery

Veneto, a region mainly of red wines, with the exception of that territory between Treviso, Vicenza and Padova.

Here we still find Prosecco and the Terre del Garganega, including the two main denominations Soave and Gambellara, in which this variety is able to express white wines of the highest level.

The Garganeca grapes grown in the Gambellara area mostly come from the splendid volcanic hills of ancient winemaking tradition. Soave is a DOC wine produced in the province of Verona and represents the most significant denomination within the panorama of the denomination of origin of the Veneto. With its 500,000 hectoliters which alone represent 40% of the DOC production of the province. The wines produced in the Soave Docs are Soave Doc, then Soave Classico and finally Soave Superiore DOCG. wine tasting soave wineries

Soave Superiore obtained the Docg in 1968 and is a wine of very ancient origins and the hypotheses on the origin of its name are cloaked in legend. One of these even refers to Dante Alighieri, a great friend of the lord of Verona, Cangrande della Scala. Basically the differences between SOAVE and GAMBELLARA wines are given by the soil. In fact the grapes used are practically the same: in Gambellara 80% garganega is used, even if the producers almost all make wine in purity, while in Soave garganega must be present for at least 70%. soave winery

Here some producers who use from 5% to 30% of Trebbiano di Soave or some other variety, there is. Look at the other wineries in the Veneto and Italy

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