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Francesco Follador is a small family-run winery. For generations we live in Santo Stefano, in the historic heart of the DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene: we cultivate the land and safeguard our territory by creating the right balance between Nature and agriculture. We preserve the terroir and defend the landscape, take care of the woods and keep alive the native varieties.

The donkey: our logo

The donkey is our totem: industrious and patient, he has supported man for centuries in the hard work in the vineyards. He is stubborn and stubborn like us, who have decided to stay in the hills and insist on producing grapes where it is more difficult. We are donkeys when we remain true to our principles and do not agree to compromise. We are donkeys when we choose to be simple, honest and transparent. We are donkeys, and we are proud of it.

The history of the company

We cultivate the same lands that our ancestors used to cultivate: “La Riva”, our land in Cartizze right next to the winery, has been owned by the Follador since time immemorial. Among the steep rows of hills of Santo Stefano have grown generations of our family: our wine really has a long story to tell, a story that we invite you to listen and make yours.

Vineyards and Cellar

Set in a wonderful natural amphitheater, the 6 hectares of our vineyards compose a mosaic of plots with microclimatic situations and composition of soils very varied: from the sunny peaks to the shade of the woods, up to the vertiginous slopes of the most impervious rows.

We follow the grapes from the hills to the winery, where modern technologies and good practices blend in decades of experience. With our enology we want to offer a simple and identity wine, always capable of representing the peculiarities of vintages and the sincere character of our company.

In 2012 the company joined the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers, an association that promotes “a sustainable and rational economic organization of wine” and that wishes to ensure “to the consumer a wine that has a strong attachment to the Territory”.



TASTING 1 – € 25pp
Company presentation and tasting of four of our products: Valdobbiadene DOCG Brut, Valdobbiadene DOCG Extra Dry, Valdobbiadene DOCG Dry and Colfondo.

TASTING 2 – € 35pp
Presentation of the farm and the wine-growing area with views from our panoramic terrace. Accompanied tasting of our entire range (6 wines) accompanied by local artisan products.

TASTING 3 – € 45pp
In-depth presentation of the company and the wine-growing area, with a short excursion to the vineyard or winery depending on weather conditions. Complete tasting of our wine range with gastronomic accompaniment.




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Follador Francesco
Via Vettorazzi e Bisol 6 – Valdobbiadene TV
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