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Come to visit in valdobbiadene prosecco tour in the prosecco winery . Come to Wine tasting prosecco wineries and visiting the cellars is definitely an experience not to be missed. First of all there are cellars of modern conception designed specifically to offer for maximum comfort during the tours of the cellar visit and wine tasting

wine tasting prosecco wineries, valdobbiadene prosecco tour

wine tasting prosecco wineries to visit

Others, however, are smaller and often family-run where the famous hospitality is expressed in its simple but exciting authenticity. Come here and also in summer you can taste wines outdoors, enjoying the views of the vineyards ; 

>>>> tasting wines is really worth it!

prosecco winery, valdobbiadene prosecco tour

valdobbiadene prosecco tour of the prosecco wineries

Come to visit valdobbiadene area and wine tasting prosecco often include visiting the vineyards, smells, walking among the rows, observing the vine and the grapes are an experience to live. 

The cellar man or guide will explain the process to obtain the wine, starting from the collection of grapes in the vineyards, to its processing in the cellar to get to rest in the vats.

prosecco wineries in valdobbiadene prosecco tour

During wine tastings you can taste many types of wines, paired with snacks, cold cuts, local cheese, light-lunch, lunch or dinner. Come to visit barbaresco winery and tastings are comprehensive of the winery tour, where the various production phases are shown.

Every winery you can find in VENETO WINERIES are ready to welcome you and make you live an unforgettable wine experience. We also need to add some words about veneto wines

Choose the winery you prefer and the type of wine tasting in tuscany that most fascinates you is very simple. In conclusion all the information within a click, book your tasting and visit the winery!!


aldobbiadene prosecco tour
Large wineries and wine craftsmen engaged in the enhancement of a VALDOBBIADENE territory that the whole world envies us.

Come to visit prosecco wineries and wine tasting prosecco in the best prosecco winery

wine tasting prosecco wineries

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Prosecco wine tasting in in the best prosecco wineries to visit, valdobbiadene prosecco tour